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The Way We Were is a weekly article published in the Park Record written by Museum staff, volunteers, and interns. Articles date back as early as the 1980s and have proven to be a valuable research tool. The images in the Way We Were articles are copyrighted by the Park City Museum. If you would like more information, or should you wish to use an image, please contact Research Coordinator Mahala Ruddell at mruddell@parkcityhistory.org.

Shorty’s StairsChris McLawsOn August 4, 1998, the stairs on Marsac and Ontario were officially named “Shorty’s Stairs” after a very active Park City community member, George Elden Sorensen.   George Elden Sorensen, “Shorty’s Stairs”,  Ella Ione Prudence, Ontario and Marsac Avenues.

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Fools on the Slopes

Mahala Ruddell It was called Clown Day and traditionally it coincided with April Fools’ Day. While the rest of the country celebrated the frist of April, Park City locals celebrated by having “people make fools of themselves.” And they did so by donning costumes and taking over the slopes.

April Fool’s Day, Park City’s “Clown Day”, Greg Ash, Terry “Tutu” Jannott, Jim Carr, Tim “Razor” Sharp, Joe “Porky” Onn, and James “Steakhouse”, the Park City ski team, Park Record, mid-1980s.
Hot Dog! Mahala Ruddell “They aimed to reinvent skiing.” The 1970s saw a counter-culture revolution not just in American society, but also in the world of skiing.  Journalist and author John Fry, 1970 freestyle skiing, “hot dog”skiing, 1974 Beconta Cup World Super Hot Dog Championships, Bob Salerno. 
Park City’s Connection to the Silent Film World Mahala Ruddell When it comes to knowing fame, everyone wants to stake a claim, even if it is a little shaky. Park City, it seems, is no exception.  Silent film actress Marguerite Clayton, Michael Fitzgerald, The Salt Lake Telegram, G.M. Anderson of the Essanay Company, 1920, “Broncho Billy”. 
United in Tragedy Steve Spaulding On Friday afternoon, February 23, 1934, a United Air Lines transport plane with eight occupants left Salt Lake bound for Cheyenne, by that evening, it was declared missing. United Air Lines transport, Salt Lake airfield, February 23, 1934 plane crash,  Lloyd Anderson, Frank and Jim Rasmussen, Judge John Green, Mary Carter.
Tragedy on Ecker Hill Steve Spaulding It was well understood that ski jumping was a risky sport, especially when protective equipment was not used and medical care was rudimentary. After 1949; safer conditions for this sport resulted from improved ski jumping equipment and techniques. February 22, 1934, Utah State Ski Meet, Ecker Hill ski jump, Calmar Andreasen, ski jumping. 
Snow Patrol Courtney Titus “’Oceans of snow’ and no place to move it presents a very ‘tough’ problem… the past winter has been fit for neither man nor beast” – Stroller Notices, Park Record, 1949-03-03. December 1948, gasoline rationing, winter of 1948, Main Street snow removal.
The Silver Wheel Theater

Jenette Purdy Parkites, from early mining camp days to today, have put theaters and entertainment venues as a priority.  Society Hall, Park City Opera House, The Orpheum Theater, Dewey Theater,  The Silver Wheel Theater, Egyptian Theater, “Magnificent Stage Show”, Evans Quartet, 1950s, Bonanza Day, May 11, 1963.
Flawless Fleming

Steve Leatham In its positive form, perfectionism can result in great achievement and accomplishment.  Left unchecked, this persistent striving for flawlessness can lead to depression and suicide.  Silver King Mill foreman John Breckenridge Fleming, Silver King Mine Manager Thomas Kearns, Andrew Wallace,  January 1899, May 11, 1899, June 6, 1901. 
When Men Were Men

Steve Leatham Work on the Silver King Aerial Tramway began in August 1900.The construction was scheduled to be done in 90 days and employ 50 men. “No outside mechanic was to be employed until after all available men in the Park were put on,” Thomas Kearns declared. Silver King Aerial Tramway, Thomas Kearns, Foreman John Breckenridge Fleming, Mine and Smelter Supply Company of Salt Lake, Salt Lake City Engineer C.P. Brooks, A. Leschen and Sons Rope Company of St. Louis, millwright James W. Stevens, Masonry foreman Neil Bonner. 
World Class Now and Then Steve Leatham World-class is an adjective often associated with Park City.  It is one of the world’s foremost resort towns.  The athletes who live and ski here are of the highest caliber.  Their training facilities are among the best in the world.  Much the same could be said of Park City at the turn of the twentieth century. Park City athletes, The Silver King Mine, U.S. Senator, Thomas Kearns, aerial tramway, Rio Grande Western loading station, Gillette-Herzog Manufacturing Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
Vanished! Never to be seen….

Sarah Hill Like most intriguing small towns Park City has had its share of mysteries. Some of those mysteries were solved, though most were not, and others simply resolved themselves. April 14, 1930,  Phillip Jensen, Carl Leon Jensen casePark City police chief W.D. St. Jeor, Park Garage
‘A Glorious Past and a Bright Future’ Sarah Hill The Park Record would take time at the end of each year to highlight the many achievements of the mines and the community as a whole. Articles published in the Park Record in the early 1900s advertised fraternal dinners, formal suppers held at local cafés and restaurants, balls and dances with full bands, and financially prosperous year for the mining. Park Record, December 31st, 1904, Park City New Year Festivities
An Enchanting Christmas Sarah Hill Let us take a moment to remember the senior class’ grand ball, known as the Senior Hop. The festival dance event, right out of a children’s fairy tale book, took place on the evening of December 15, 1950. The Senior Hop, senior class of 1950, The ‘Winter Wonderland’ ball, photographer Kendall Webb, Park City, Park Record. 
Bison: American Imagery,National Identity Courtney Titus The Park City Museum is currently hosting The Bison: American Icon exhibit, this week’s Way We Were focuses on one of the few objects in our collection to feature the image of a bison. The wooden shipping crate from the R. Ovens Bakery in Buffalo, NY. 1898, R. Ovens Bakery, Buffalo, NY, Taylor, Caneadea, NY, National Biscuit Company, 515 Main Street, George Hoover, 1920.
Unwelcome in Their Adopted and Sometimes Native Country Steve Spaulding What most Parkites are not aware of is that the Park City area housed a war-time Japanese-American community. This temporary settlement which was located in the town of Keetley, remains that lie beneath the Jordanelle Reservoir. 1941 & 1942, Japanese-Americans internment camps, World War II, Jordanelle Reservoir, town of Keetley, Governor Maw, Heber. 
Money in the Hole Sandy Melville The Alice Mine slipped away into the history like many mines that did not pay out. Although it was not a successful mine, it became a testament to the optimism and determination of the early miners and entrepreneurs who founded Park City. Park City mining production, Alice Mine, 1892 Park Record, Woodside Gulch.
You’ll get a psy-kick out of this

Nick Huber As early as 1887, and as late as 1923, PalmistorClairvoyant practitioners of the occult would place an ad in the Park City paper and set up shoparound town.Most of the clairvoyants who advertised in the Park Record had small, simple ads. MadamFranklin, however, spared no expense, and bought a considerably large space complete with a headshot.

Palmist or Clairvoyant, Madam Franklin, Professor W.H. Thomas, J.T. Oheney, Mademoiselle Iro,  
Prescription for an Addiction Minda Stockdale Morphine wasthe therapeutic opiate of choice through the nineteenth century. Unlike smokingopium, morphine was produced and distributed through pharmacies and physicians led to many death, such as the one suffered in 1906 by  George Jacobson a 25 year resident of Park City. George Jacobson, Dr. LeCompte, November 10, 1906,Morphine, David Courtwright.
He Loved Them (Nearly) To Death Steve Spaulding William Trotman’s love for his wife and daughters,distorted by mental instability and intolerable grief, led him to violence and suicide.  William and Laura Trotman, Orlando Johnson, September 1, 1902, Snyderville.
Dead in Her Bed

Courtney Titus Not having seen Clara Maybell Huey since Monday night, Urban and others contacted the police. What the police discovered is still a mystery, Mrs. Huey’s body was found lying still in a doll-house like room, so clean and tidy that nothing seemed to be out of place.  Clara Maybell Huey, Rachel Urban’s, James “Cupid” Huey, Lawrence Buys, Heber Avenue.
The dreadful demise of dear Mr. Murphy

Lucie Adler

Local papers reported that Jerry Murphy, “always a quiet, well-behaved fellow,” died by committing suicide on the afternoon of November 6, 1907 in his rooms above Park City’s Roy Mercantile. However, due to his throat being slit and four gunshot wounds, it is perhaps more likely that someone wanted Murphy dead.

Jerry Murphy, Park Record, Suicide, Welsh, Driscoll, and Buck department, Citizen’s Club, Roy Mercantile, Fred Rasband.
For whom the bell tolls, the head rolls

Nick Huber The Park Record is decorated with grisly storiesthat leave little to the imagination, however, this story is made up of a particularly gruesome and peculiar misfortune. Daly West Mine, James O‘Connell, Clarence Horaford, Mining shaft, Timber cage, Tragic accident.
Was It Murder?” Sarah Hill Often deaths in Park City were said to be due to natural causes. The historic Park Record is riddled with articles related to deaths that resulted in no investigations or charges, and, therefore, no justice.

Summer of 1924, Woodside Canyon, no investigations, mysterious deaths, James Kusic, Sheriff Clark, and Jim Don.  
Talent Takes Time Courtney Titus From landscape painter Thomas Cole, the founder of the Hudson River School, and a self-taught artist, to Park City’s first summer arts program; this article explores the inspirational artists and events that lead up to the first Arts Festival taking place in 1970.  Thomas Cole, landscape painter, David Chaplin, “Sisters’ School” classroom at St. Mary’s of the Assumption,  Dale Gibbs and John Stagg, summer art program, arts festival.

Up, Up and Away!

Steve Spaulding The wonderful story behind the balloon festival called Autumn Aloft, which will once again take place in Park City. Autumn Aloft, Park City Balloon Club, Gene Moser, Hot Air Balloons, 200th anniversary of man’s first flight.
Out of Sight, Never Out of Mind (or Heart) Steve Spaulding As Parkites have moved elsewhere, they have carried with themthe appreciation of a good picnic with family and friends.  Forbears from Park City, formal reunion picnics, Lawrence Raddon, Park City Picnic Association
From Mining Silver to Managing Real Estate

Steve Spaulding Part II on the history of the mining consolidation Mining decline, suspended operations, United Park City Mines (UPCM), year-round recreation development.
World War I Centennial: Conclusion

Steve Spaulding Conclusion of a four-part series detailing Parkites’ roles in World War I. Resources,traditional roles, war-time sacrifices.
World War I Centennial: Part III Steve Spaulding Story about seven local men who paid the ultimate price in the war. Marine Pvt Frank Peterson, James Murphy, Joshua Bate, Henry T. Smith, Summit County, Local American Legion Post
World War I Centennial:  PartII Steve Spaulding A detailed account of Parkites’ roles in World War I aviation. Word War I, The Great War, Aviation, Major R.E. Wight. Casualties list.
World War I Centennial: Park City’s Contributions Steve Spaulding Many of Park City’s young men were involved in World War I due to their expertise as miners.  Great War, World War I, 1917, 1918, Dan Alexander, Miner’s Regiment, 100th anniversary, Centennial
A Paintbrush With Roots Sarah Hill Arts festival has a long history in Park City.  Art, Arts Fest, 1970, 45th anniversary, 
Ride ‘n Tie Sarah Hill in 1978 an event known as the  Ride ‘n Tie was held in Park City  Horse, Ride ‘n Tie, 1978, 1971, 
All Nature Paths Lead to Cole Minda Stockdale Thomas Cole was an early landscape painter who changed the face the American landscape painting. Thomas Cole, Landscape Painting, Travelling exhibit
A Farewell to Swarms Nick Huber In early Park City flies were a huge problem and it started a movement to clean up the town. Flies, 1910, Sanitation, clean town contest
A Park City Celebration Hal Compton    The 4th of July Parade in Park City has marched past an ever-changing Main Street Parade, 4th of July, 1914-1916, 518 Main Street, 
The Forgotten War Steve Spaulding Many soldiers from Park City fought in the Korean War. Read on to learn their stories Korean War, Park City Soldiers, Jim Santy, Carol Berry
It’s All in the Name Sarah Hill Names of places in Park City have historic roots. This article discusses where names like “Marsac” and “Rossie Hill” came from, 251 Ontario, Historic House, Rossie Hill, Marsac Avenue, Home Tour
Shot Gun Style         Sarah Hill 413 Ontario is an example of the shotgun style of Architecture. This article discusses the architecture and it’s impact on Park City. 413 Ontario, Historic house, Home Tour, Architecture, Shotgun style
Schools Out Forever Sarah Hill 445 Marsac Ave. began as an elementary school and now houses City Offices. read about the History of this influential building. 445 Marsac, Marsac Mill, 1936, School, 1980, City Offices 
You Can’t Turn Back the Clock Steve Spaulding     In 1985, there was a lawsuit involving the ski resorts and United Park City Mines. This week’s article details the case. United Park City Mines, Park City Ski Area, Deer Valley Resort, 1985, 1970s
Change in Ownership, Change in the Community? Steve Spaulding In 1985, there was a lawsuit involving the new Ski resorts and United Park City Mines United Park City Mines, Lawsuit, Park City Ski Area, Skiing
The Best Mother Who Ever Lived Sarah Hill  Take a look at the first Mother’s Day celebration in Park City Utah 1910, Mothers Day, 1962, Miners’ Hospital, 
Is Less More? Is Bigger Better? Steve Spaulding Read a discussion on the history of mining and consolidation in Park City. Consolidation, Mining, 1892, 1917
A New Bonanza for Park City Sandy Melville Take a look at Treasure Mountains’ first moments as a resort.      50th anniversary, Treasure Mountains, Ski School, Ski Patrol, Skiing
Near Dynamite Disaster         Sarah Hill In 1913 a runaway train threatened Park City. When it was diverted it nearly caused an accident that destroyed part of the town. Freight train, Derailment, Dynamite, 1913, Silver King Coalition, Passenger train.
Fool Me Twice Rachel Wadman In 1884 Park City was still very much a part of the “wild west” read on to learn about horse thieves in Park City John Riley, 1884, Horse thief, Sheriff Allison, Coalville
Fire Department State Convention Sarah Hill In 1926 Park City was chosen as the location for the annual Fire Department State Convention. See how the town prepared for the honor. August, 1926, Fire department, Convention, The American, the Laurence Sisters
Who, Who, Who are the Owls? Sarah Hill One of Park City’s many fraternal organizations was called the Order of the Owls. Fraternal organizations, Order of the Owls, benefits, 1904, 1912
Welsh, Driscoll & Buck: The End of an Era Courtney Titus    Read the story of the Welsh, Driscoll & Buck that used to be located at 233 Main Street. William Harrigan, bowler hat, 233 Main St., 1950s, donation, Welsh Driscoll & Buck
The Unfortunate Fate of the Kearns-Keith Mill  Sally Elliott There are many mining structures left over from Park City’s mining history. Read about their history and value to our community. Kearns-Keith Mill, United Park City Mines, 1998, mines, Conservation, Preservation
From Cowboys to Comedians  Sarah Hill         Park City was no stranger to famous faces. Read about those who visited our city in the 60s.  Hugh O’Brien, Guys and Dolls, 1965, 
The Chicken Predicament  Sarah Hill         There are plenty of unique articles to be found in the Park Record  Chickens, 1880s, 1930s, Neil Gordon, Ralph Garbett, Keith Kummer, Diamond Pin, 
Weaving a History of Park City  Sarah Hill “Behind the Scenes” at the Park City Museum Research Library. What happens when someone requests information? Cunnington, England, Research Library, 1800s, 1874,  
A Dangerous Occupation Indeed  Sarah Hill Working in Park City’s mines was Dangerous. Read on for the story of McCellan Yates Yates, 1929, Silver King Mine, Mining, Hospital, Peritonitis,  Death, Accident
Little Rascals: Park City Edition  Sarah Hill  Park City’s youth sometimes misbehaved. Read about what happened in 1912. Kids, Grocery, 1912, Stealing, Juvenile Delinquent
Blood Mobile Comes to Park City      Sarah Hill In 1952 the Blood Mobile came to Park City. Read more about this historic railway car.  Red Cross, 1952, National Blood Donor Month, Blood Type
Mining Heritage Relic Hal Compton The history of the Silver King Coalition Mine aerial tramway  Aerial Tramway, Silver King Coalition Mine
Tori Pillinger: A Hometown Prodigy Rachel Wadman A biography of Tori Pillinger a member of the US Ski Team Tori Pillinger, U.S. Ski Team, Skiing, Accident, Retirement
Silver King Boarding House Jenette Purdy Learn more about the Silver King Boarding House (now PCMR’s Mid Mountain Lodge) Silver King Boarding House, miners, Mid Mountain Lodge, skiing, 
The Business of Christmas Sarah Hill Learn about this history of Park City Christmases Christmas, advertisements, Decorations, gifts
‘No one skis like Stein’  Sarah Hill A biography of Stein and his impact on Park City skiing. Stein Eriksen, Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort, Edgar Stern 
A Park City Thanksgiving Hal Compton The story of a memorable Thanksgiving in Park City.  Thanksgiving, Sam Sgro, Howard and Justine Coleman, 
Treasure Mountains! Sandra Morrison A history of Park City Mountain Resort and the History of Skiing in Park City. Treasure Mountains, Park City Mountain Resort, Skiing, 1960s, President Kennedy, Golf course, 
Celebrating and Remembering Veterans Day Sarah Hill The history of Veterans Day celebrations in Park City. Veterans Day, World War I, Summit County War Veterans Memorial Building, 
Building Community Jenette Purdy      Learn about Park City’s strong community  Live PC Give PC, Non-Profits, Fraternal Organizations, Community Organizations, Community Support
‘Headless Body Found’  Sarah Hill The story of the mysterious death of James Doyle who was found headless a year after having been declared missing James Doyle, 1932, death, natural causes, headless, Alliance, Spiro, 
Death in the Dungeon  Jenette Purdy The stories of the deaths that occured in Park City’s Territorial Jail  Dungeon, Territorial Jail, Doctor, Death, 1897, 1901, 1902, 1905, 1913
Found Dead: The Story of Alex Chisolm  Rachel Wadman The story of the discovery of a man’s body in Thayne’s Canyon Alex Chisolm, 1904, Odd Fellows, Mason, Dawson City Alaska, California-Comstock Mill
A Damn Bad Family Mess  Courtney Titus Wyatt Kennedy was shot in his home in february 1894, find out the whole story in this week’s article Wyatt Kennedy, 1894, Ontario No. 3, Murder plot, 
Spooky Series Introduction  Sarah Hill An introduction to the October Spooky Series Ghost, Death, Suicide, Murder, Ontario Mine No. 3, Halloween
 Ambulances in Park City      Rachel Wadman A look and the history of ambulances in Park City. Ambulance, 1913, Miners’ Hospital, Fire Department, Helen (Nellie) Green
Hope Springs Eternal      David Nicholas     Photographer Richard “Dick” Steinheimer’s photographic exploits in Park City during the 1950s Richard “Dick” Steinheimer, 1950s, Photography, Journalist, Union Pacific Railroad Station, Silver Queen Hotel
Letters Home Lauren Miller   A look at more letters from war discussing the importance of Home and a soldier’s connection to it during periods of conflict. World War II, Lily Stephens, Park Record, Home, Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam, Park City, soldiers, military
The Photographic Exploits of Dick Steinheimer: Part Five David Nicholas     Photographer Richard “Dick” Steinheimer’s photographic exploits in Park City during the 1950s Richard “Dick” Steinheimer, 1950s, photography, journalist, Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad
The Photographic Exploits of Dick Steinheimer: Part Four David Nicholas Photographer Richard “Dick” Steinheimer’s photographic exploits in Park City during the 1950s Richard “Dick” Steinheimer, 1950s, photography, journalist, The Cozy, Pacific Avenue, Emmett Spiro, Union Pacific, Zoom
The Photographic Exploits of Dick Steinheimer: Part Three David Nicholas Photographer Richard “Dick” Steinheimer’s photographic exploits in Park City during the 1950s Richard “Dick” Steinheimer, 1950s, photography, journalist, 523 Main Street, 525 Main Street, The Great Fire, Taylor Building, Nu-Way Cleaners, Kendall Webb, George Washington School, Washington School House Hotel 
The Photographic Exploits of Dick Steinheimer: Part Two David Nicholas Photographer Richard “Dick” Steinheimer’s photographic exploits in Park City during the 1950s Richard “Dick” Steinheimer, 1950s, photography, journalist, aerial tram, Silver King Coalition, Park City Mountain Resort
The Photographic Exploits of Dick Steinheimer David Nicholas Photographer Richard “Dick” Steinheimer’s photographic exploits in Park City during the 1950s Richard “Dick” Steinheimer, Silver King Coalition, tipple, 1950s, photography, jounralist, Union Pacific train, “Park City Local”, train 226
Tramp Art Colleen Allen What creative ways did Parkites deal with the difficult times faced by the decline of the mining industry? 1930s, tramp art, cigar box, depression, picture frame, dynamite box, pyrite ore
Happy Birthday ‘Murica Sarah Hill and Lauren Miller What exactly did happen on the Independence Day celebration in 1971? A riot that changed Park City’s history! Independence Day, July 4, 1971, July 5, 1971, The Riot of 1971, hippies, old timers, water balloons, highway patrol
The Lincoln Highway: 100 Year Road Tour 2013 Betty Bitner King The Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental road in the US, literally put Park City on the map, and the association will briefly visit Utah on June 27, 2013. The Lincoln Highway, Transcontinental Road, Goodyear Tire, Packard Car Company, Governor Spry, Bitner Ranch,
Worth Fighting For Lauren Miller     A look at more letters from war to determine what soldiers fight for then and now. Community Giving Day, Sam Raddon, Park Record, William G. Robinson
325 Park Ave Rachel Wadman Sam Raddon, beloved owner of the Park Record, lived here. Find out more about his life and this house Historic Home Tour, Sam Raddon, Park Record
305 Park Ave Colleen Allen     The history of 305 Park Avenue Historic Home Tour, Lawrence Boarding House, Great Fire of 1898
A Serious Cutting Affair Lauren Miller and Sarah Hill     Life wasn’t always easy in Park City, even when you worked outside the mines. Find out what serious offense occurred at 133 Woodside Avenue. Historic Home Tour, Maggie Scanlon, Tom Scanlon, John Franish, Frank Franish, 133 Woodside Avenue
From Our Boys in the Armed Forces, II Lauren Miller Carrie Vivian Hodgson, beloved by many in Park City, corresponded with a few different men during WWII. World War II, Carrie Vivian Hodgson, the Park Record, Eugene Correll, Geo Gasparac,
From Our Boys in the Armed Forces Lauren Miller A letter to the Park Record from Chas McGill describes what it was like in France during World War I. World War I, Chas McGill, Sam Raddon, the Park Record, Argonne Forrest
Milk of Poppy Sarah Hill     Alcohol and gambling weren’t the only vices Parkites entertained. Opium, Chinatown, Immigration
Seeds of Victory Sarah Hill & Lauren Miller Park City aids the relief efforts during WWII by encouraging Parkites to take part in Victory Gardens.      Gardening, Victory Gardens, Silver King Mining Company, Community Garden, World War II
FEED YOURSELF! Sarah Hill & Lauren Miller     Reasons behind the longstanding tradition of gardening in Park City.      Gardening, Mining Decline, Home Garden, Community Garden
Play Well Sarah Hill & Lauren Miller   Ways Parkites stayed physically active in years past, and former ideas of what it meant to be healthy. Healthy living, Eat Well, Play Well, McPolin children
Eat Well Sarah Hill & Lauren Miller     Benefits of eating nutrious meals with a focus on the hot lunch program at Marsac School. Marsac School, food, nutrition, hot lunch program
The Bitner Ranch Betty Bitner King The history of the Bitner family and the Bitner ranch. Bitner, Ranch, Overland Stage, Holladay Stage, Wells-Fargo Express, William Kimball
Living with Avalanches Kate Mapp Avalanches then and now in Park City Avalanches, Francis Tyrall, Joseph Brown, Daly West Mine,
Spring Skiing Hal Compton Mel Fletcher and Les Roach enjoy Spring Skiing at Snow Park. Spring Skiing, Mel Fletcher, Les Roach, Snow Park, Deer Valley Resort
The Last Drink?…Or Not: The Beginning of a New Era Sarah Hill, Lauren Miller, and Courtney Titus The conclusion of the Bar Series discusses the end of Prohibition in the nation, and what that meant for the state of Utah. Saloons, bars, soft drink parlors, Prohibition, Main Street, liquor laws
Risky Business Kate Mapp An explanation of soft drink parlor licenses and their influence on Park City during Prohibition Saloons, bars, soft drink parlors, Angelo Fontana, soft drink licenses, Venice Club, raids, Prohibition, distillery, Main Street
Valid Arrest or a Dirty Frame Up? Sarah Hill The story of Deputy Sheriff W.R Jefford’s arrest for taking hush money during Prohibition Saloons, bars, soft drink parlors, Main Street, W.R Jefford, hush money, Prohibition, raids, Sam De Angelis, Angelo Fontana
From the Bank to Cisero’s and Everything in Between Lauren Miller The long history of 306 Main Street as a saloon in Park City Saloons, bars, soft drink parlors, main street, the Handle Bar, Cisero’s Nightclub, the Bank, Daniel McPolin, prohibition
The Life of a Saloon Owner: Sam De Angelis Courtney Titus Sam De Angelis’s life and connection with running bars, saloons, and “soft drink” parlors in Park City Saloons, bars, soft drink parlors, main street, Sam De Angelis, prohibition
The Oak Saloon: A Prohibition Survivor Lauren Miller A timeline of the Oak Saloon and proprietor Henry Spriggs Saloons, bars, soft drink parlors, main street, the Oak, prohibition
The Night Utah Went Dry Courtney Titus The beginning of Prohibition and the creation of “soft drink” parlors Saloons, bars, soft drink parlors, main street, prohibition
The Saloon of the “King of Denmark” Sarah Hill Highlights of the life of George Wanning and his role as a saloon proprietor Saloons, bars, soft drink parlors, main street, George Wanning, Geo Wanning’s, prohibition
Park City’s Seedy Underbelly: An Introduction Sarah Hill, Lauren Miller, and Courtney Titus A look into Park City’s bar and saloon life, and the importance they played in a mining town Saloons, bars, soft drink parlors, main street, prohibition, entertainment
Utah’s Own Silver Queen Jenette Purdy The life of Silver Queen Susanna The Silver Queen, Susanna Bransford Emery Holmes Delitch Engalitcheff, mines, mining, Silver Queen Ball
A Volunteer Force to be Reckoned With Lauren Miller Park City Fire Chief Jim Berry’s role with the volunteer firefighters, and his experience training the first round of women volunteers in Park City. Fire, firefighting, women firefighters, volunteer force, James “Jim” Berry
Preserving the Kendall Webb Collection Courtney Titus and Lauren Miller The significance of Kendall Webb and his photography collection to the preservation of Park City’s past. Kendall Webb, photography, Silver Queen Ball
Growing Up in Farrell (Sweede) Alley, Part Two Emily Beeson Richard Mon’s childhood in Park City Immigration, China, Main Street, childhood, games, Pearl Harbor
Growing Up in Farrell (Sweede Alley), Part One Emily Beeson
Richard Mon’s childhood in Park City
Immigration, China, Main Street, Bob’s Cafe, King Far Lo Cafe