The Pony Express in Utah Book Signing

The Pony Express in Utah is the newest addition to Arcadia Publishing’s popular Images of America series of books. Co-authored by Pony Express historians, Patrick Hearty and Dr. Joseph Hatch, the book will dive into the short-lived days of the Pony Express. They will hold a talk and book signing on Thursday, April 23 from 5:30-6:30 at the Park City Museum (528 Main Street).

Hearty and Hatch, longtime Utah residents, have spent many hours researching the Pony Express and following the trail. They have also ridden the trail while participating in the annual re-rides of the National Pony Express Association.

For more information on this event, call the Park City Museum, 435-649-7457.

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The Pony Express stands out in the history of the American West, memorable and captivating for the romance and adventure it evokes. The image of the intrepid young rider on a fast horse, crossing mountain and desert with his precious cargo of mail, is known and loved around the world as an icon of the Western frontier. Although its service was short, only about 19 months, its mystique seems to continue to grow after more than 150 years. Utah and the Pony Express were vital to each other. Salt Lake City was the major center of the population between the Missouri River and the West Coast. Utah-bred men managed the line, rode the Express horses, and kept vigil at the lonely desert stations.

The Pony Express in Utah tells the stories of those men and those stations, as well as advancements in communication and the celebrations that have kept the memory of the Pony Express in Utah alive.

Highlights of The Pony Express in Utah include:

  • The Pony Express mail service was entirely the fruit of private enterprise. No Government subsidy or contract was used in its establishment.
  • The spirit of the Pony Express has been kept alive and well through the placement of markers and monuments, and through horseback re-rides and re-enactments.
  • Modern photographs of the station sites allow the visitor to compare the scene today with the way it appeared in the 1800’s.

The Pony Express in Utah is set to release April 6, 2015 and will be available at area bookstores, independent retailers, and online retailers, or directly from Arcadia Publishing and the at 888-313-2665 or online.

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