Park City Museum Library Resources

Book card in the Park City Library

Book cart at the historic Park City Library.

The Hal Compton Research Library offers a vast collection of historical materials for your perusal. Thousands of photographs, oral histories, personal papers, books, maps, and artifacts await your inquiring mind. Call 435.647.7457 ext 112 or email to schedule an appointment and begin your personal journey into the past.

Cataloged Collections

  • Over 25,000 images of the people and places of Park City
  • Over 3,200 objects documenting Park City’s history
  • Approximately 300 published works, dissertations, theses, and thematic binders on Park City, mining, skiing, Utah, and Western history
  • Over 2,100 archived items, including:
    • Women’s Athenaeum records
    • Park City court records, 1924-1941
    • Mine company stock certificates, 1880s-1930s

Published Works

  • Approximately 300 non-circulating published works, dissertations, theses, and thematic binders on Park City, mining, skiing, Utah, and Western history, including:
    • Geology and Ore Deposits of the Park City District, by John Mason Boutwell
    • A History of Summit County, by David Hampshire, Martha S. Bradley, Allen Roberts
    • Treasure Mountain Home: Park City Revisited, by George A. Thompson and Fraser Buck
    • The Trail of the Leprechaun, by William McPhee
    • Park City: Mountain of Treasure, by Larry Warren


Genealogical Research Tools

  • Record of births, 1892 – 1897
  • Subscription to
  • Cemetery indexes:
    • Glenwood Cemetery, 1885-1982 (location, DOB, DOD, father, mother, profession, COD, funeral, and history)
    • Park City Cemetery, 1881-1995 (location DOB, DOD)
    • Obituaries for Park City and surrounding areas
    • Park City Sexton Record of Death, 1892-1973
  • Oral History Index
  • Family histories and research files on a limited number of Park City residents
  • Park City High School yearbooks, 1915, 1917-22, 1931, 1943, 1945-46, 1948-61, 1980-89, 1992-2002, 2004-05

Historic Preservation/Researching Your House

  • Historic Property Indexes and Tax Photos from the late 1930s
  • National Historic Register Index
  • “Park City, Utah: An Architectural History of Mining Town Housing, 1869-1907,” by Deborah Lyn Randall, Master’s thesis, 1985
  • Utah Preservation Preservation journals
  • Historic Sites Inventory


  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps from 1889, 1900, 1907, 1929, 1941 (also online at the University of Utah’s digital collections )
  • Geologic Maps of the Park City District 1950-1960
  • Topographical map 1998-1999
  • Deer Valley Conditions Survey 2002 (Lower Big Stick Run)
  • Gorlinski’s General Map of Park City Mines 1893 (Ontario, Daly, Crescent, Anchor, Alliance, Meears, Silver King, Woodside, Mayflower, Glencoe, etc.)
  • Various Ski Area Maps