Echoes of the 1918 Spanish Flu Appear Today

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  1. Tony Franich

    My fathers family lived in Park City . His father Frank Franich was a miner. His wife Matea kept a boardinghouse . They immigrated to this country from Croatia some time before the Spanish flu There were 3 brothers .2 of whom were married Frank and John . Johns wife died from Spanish flu and is buried in Park City She left behind her 2 children Rose and Andy . My grandmother took care of the children until they relocated in Wa. st. There was a fire in the boardinghouse and my grandparents lost all there wealth in the fire. they had gold dust hidden in a hollow leg of the kitchen table I do not know how long they were in Park City They moved on to the mines in Butte Montana They were able to get a farm 9 mi out from Whitehall Mt. where my dad was born in 1923 His father Frank died 18 mo. after my dad was born from black lung , leaving my grandmother to raise her 5 sons. My grandmother also lost several children who are buried there He told me the price of garlic went up to $1 a pound

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