Saltair: The Coney Island of the West

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  1. Brady Johns

    My father was a young child when saltair was still open and running. He had a job working there at one point. His job was to play music for one of the amusement rides on a piano, playing the same little ditty over and over until the ride stopped, just to do it all over again for every turn. When I was a young child, he taught me how to play this song, and I still remember every note of it to this day. My father is 84 now, and as he approaches the end of his life, I have a strong desire to share this song with anyone who can and wishes to preserve it as part of the history of saltair. This article is the best resource I’ve found on the subject of utah’s saltair, and as a museum, I couldn’t find anyone better to reach out to about it. If this is of interest to the museum, please reach out to me with the email provided. Thank you!

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