The Bison Herd on Antelope Island

Thursday, December 18 / 4:00-5:00
Join us for a presentation on December 18 at 4:00 about the bison herd on Antelope Island, one of the largest publicly owned bison herds in the nation. In 1893, 12 bison were purchased by the land owners at the time and set free on the island. Over the years, the herd has grown into what it is today. In order to maintain a healthy ecosystem and healthy animals, park managers have developed a Bison Management Plan which includes a yearly roundup and bison auction. Park Managers Jeremy Shaw and Wendy Wilson will be discussing the ins and outs of managing this unique Utah herd. This event is free and open to the public.
Come early (or stay until close) to see the Park City Museum’s latest traveling exhibit, “The Bison: American Icon.” Through a combination of Plains Indians artifacts, natural history materials, popular culture items, bold graphics and interactives, this exhibit explores the significance of the bison on the peoples and cultures throughout American history. For more information, visit

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