The Silver King Hoisting System


  1. Steve Bloxham

    Can anyone point me to how the flat cable was made.? I’m not having any luck finding pictures or anything on this topic. Thx(!)

    1. Morgan Pierce

      Hi Steve, I posed your question to the article’s author and here is his response:
      I have not seen any descriptions of how the flat cable was made. The main difference between the flat cable and round cable is that the wires in the flat cable are braided or woven like a coarse cloth might be. Whereas, the wire strands in a round cable are straight and twisted into wire strings which are then twisted or braided into the final round cable. Flat cable is still manufactured in braided wire rope straps or slings that are a few feet long for heavy lifting. Flat wire rope made of copper is also currently fabricated for use in heavy duty electrical equipment. The dimensions and weave in these modern flat cables is different than the flat cable now installed at the Silver King mine. The wire slings or copper rope are thin and only an inch or two wide whereas the Silver King hoist rope is a good 6 inches wide and more than one half inch thick.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the history of the Silver King Hoisting System. It’s fascinating to learn about the engineering and innovations of the past, especially in the mining industry. The article provides a well-researched and engaging narrative of this piece of history. It’s a testament to human ingenuity and the pursuit of progress.

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