Watch Out for the Strawberries


  1. Christie Wilcox

    I am wondering if you might have record of a Mr. Robert Birkbeck and family living in this home. It is so familiar looking. I spent many a weekend and Christmas vacation with my Great Uncle Bob and his wife Lillian and their three daughters, Lou Ann, Roberta and Judy.

    1. Peter Jorgensen


      I saw your comment and wanted to write you–I am Bob’s great-grandson, Lou Ann’s grandson. Doing a bit of family research here myself.

      1. Christie

        HELLO! I am Bob’s great niece. He and my grandma, Thelma were brother and sister. Lou Ann is my second cousin. My mother, Beverly, Thelma’s daughter, was very close to Bob, Lillian, and “the girls”. I think that would make us fourth cousins???

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